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Focusing on Hematopathology

Dr. Bob Ohgami is an internationally recognized hematopathologist and recipient of a Berard-Dorfman Founders Award. He graduated from Harvard/MIT’s HST program and later went on to train in hematopathology at Stanford University. There he was an Associate Professor of Pathology, Associate Program Director for Anatomic Pathology, and Director of the Molecular Pathology Core before joining the Pathology Department at UCSF as Chief of Hematopathology.

His translational research lab compliments his diagnostic work, pushes the threshold of molecular and computational pathology, and allows for the study of new and known leukemias and lymphomas. A dedicated mentor and teacher, he has received several faculty teaching awards.



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Focusing on hematopathology


Developing novel molecular and computational imaging technologies


Multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary